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Muting the Ceiling Projector

Did you know that you can blacken the projector screen without turning the projector off? This not only saves the expensive bulb but also allows you to have something ready to project but hidden from the students.

First check to see if your projector is set to have a black or a blue screen for A/V Mute.

  • Turn on your projector.
  • Press A/V Mute on the remote control. It is the number 8 button.
  • If the screen turns black, you’re all set. AV/Mute is a toggle switch, so you can go back and forth between the black screen and projecting.

If your screen turns bright blue, here’s the fix:

  • Press Menu on the remote control. It’s right above the green question mark.
  • Press the down arrow on the black button until you highlight “Extended.”
  • Press the Enter button. It’s on the left side of the remote above the numbers.
  • “Display” should be highlighted. Press Enter.
  • Use the down arrow on the black button to select “Background Color.” Press Enter.
  • Press the up arrow on the black button to highlight “Black.” Press Enter.
  • Press “Menu” to exit this screen.
  • Now press AV/Mute. Your screen should turn black. Press it again, and it will project.

Thanks to Linda Dwyer for figuring this out!


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