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Trackpads on MacBooks

You can set the trackpad on your MacBook with some cool features. I love using Tap to Click and just lightly touching the trackpad. There are quite a few options. Watch short videos showing the different features. If you don’t like something, just change that setting.

To set the trackpad:

  • Open System Preferences (either from the gear icon on the dock or by clicking on the Apple in the upper left-hand corner and choosing System Preferences).
  • Click on Trackpad in the second category: Hardware.
  • Click on the different choices to see what happens.
  • If you find that something weird is happening on your trackpad, go here to disable that feature or learn about it.
  • Play around with the trackpad until you set the trackpad the way you like it. You can always change it later.
  • If you find that students are having trouble with using the trackpad, here is where you can change the settings.
  • Clicking or tapping the trackpad with two fingers brings up the right-click menu based on what you’re doing. That is really handy.

August 24, 2010 - Posted by | Apple |

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