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Saving Google Calendar

Have you ever worried about not being able to access your Google calendar if Google or the Internet goes down? It’s easy to export your calendar to iCal on your computer.

  • Open iCal on your computer. If the little calendar icon is not in your dock, get to it through Finder>>Applications>>iCal
  • Click the + in the lower left hand corner of iCal to create and name a new calendar.
  • Open your Google calendar.
  • Click on Calendar Settings in the upper right hand corner of your Google calendar.
  • Select Calendar from the links in the upper left hand corner of the settings page.
  • Click on Export Calendar below the list of your calendars. It will export to your download folder.
  • Click on the most recent download in your download folder. It should be a folder labeled with your gmail address.
  • Open this folder.
  • Double click on the calendar you want to export to iCal.
  • You will get a box asking you to select a destination calendar. There will be a drop down box if you have more than one calendar set up in iCal.
  • Click OK and your Google calendar will export into iCal.
  • If you rely on your Google calendar, it is a good idea to export it to iCal on a regular basis. We all know that occasionally Google or the Internet go down. If it would be a problem for you to not be able to access your Google calendar, you will want to have a copy of your calendar on your computer. We can never have too many backups!


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